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International School of Well Drilling

States accepting online CEUs

What states accept online CEUs from ISWD?

Attention licensed water well contractors and pump installers in:
Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin.


Online CEU Topics

How many CEU topics are there to choose from?

New topics are constantly under development. Right now well drillers and pump installers have 9 industry specific topics to choose from. Some topics are 1 CEU rated, some topics are 2 CEU rated. All together 13 CEUs are available today on this website. As other topics are finished, they will be added.


Computer Problems

I'm having trouble getting the online CEUs to appear on my computer. What's wrong?

Problems are uncommon with any of the CEU topics on this website. Of the few problems that have been called into our helpdesk these are the most common:

  • Adobe Acrobat must be installed on the computer you are using. If you do not have it you may download it for free from this website on the "Information and Instructions" page.

  • Those having dial-up connections to the Internet may have long wait times if they try to work during the peak times for the Internet traffic. If you have a dial-up connection try working in the early morning hours or late at night when Internet traffic is less.


The Review Test

Must I take the review test?

Every CEU topic has a review test. State regulators want to know that drillers/installers have made a good effort to read and retain the information in each unit. You may cycle back and forth between the text and the test as often as you wish. There's no reason to miss any questions on the review test. It's rare for anyone to fail. There's never a charge for retaking a CEU topic.


Consulting Services

ISWD is a source for your training and consulting needs!

ISWD receives calls from operators around the country needing a wide variety of training and consulting services. The School has provided customized training programs ranging from programs for experienced employees to basic training programs for those new to the industry. Specific consulting projects are also undertaken.

To contact ISWD about Training or Consulting Services
phone:   863 648 1565

Classroom-based training

Does ISWD do any classroom-based training?

Yes! ISWD offers its entire menu of online CEUs in a classroom-based format. One CEU-weight offerings take 1 hour of class time; two CEU-weight offerings take 2 hours in class.

The benefit of classroom-based training through ISWD is that it can be scheduled on the weekends as well as on weekdays. Licensed well drillers & pump installers who have difficulty accessing CEUs can arrange for ISWD training in a location of their choosing. This arrangement works well for groups of license holders, as there are minimum class size requirements.

For information about arranging onsite CEU classes anywhere in the U.S. contact:


International School of Well Drilling
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International School of Well Drilling
Well Drilling / Pump Installing As A Career

What does it take to become a licensed well driller or pump installer?

Each state has its own licensing requirements for drillers & installers. However all states require a period of time in the industry prior to licensing, often 12-24 months.

A licensing examination is required after the time-in-the-industry requirement has been satisfied. Some states require that during your time in the industry, you must document that you have gained certain fundamental drilling or pump installation experiences. This documentation may be in the form of well completion certificates or other acceptable verification.

All states requiring licensing for well drillers &/or pump installers have license preparation information available. Search your state's website or contact them by email, mail, or phone/fax and they'll be glad to help.


How does someone find work in the drilling/pump installing industry if you're new?

The well drilling/pump installation industry is constantly looking for new employees. The industry is unknown to many and so excellent employment possibilities often go unfilled.

It is absolutely fact that careers in the well drilling and pump installing industry, offering a solid future, are waiting for good people. Probably very close to where you are living now, or where you want to live, there are openings waiting for good people. How do you find them? Check with the Well Drilling and Pump Installing businesses in the area where you want to work.



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