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ASR Applications
Most ASR systems provide seasonal water storage,
storing water during the wet season and recovering it
during the following dry season. Many also use ASR
for water banking, storing water during wet years and
recovering it years later during extended droughts. 
Increasingly, many water managers are constructing
ASR systems to ensure reliability during emergencies,
whether severe floods, earthquakes, contamination
incidents, pipeline breaks, or potential damage due to
warfare or sabotage. Increasingly, ASR is being
considered for development of Strategic Water
Reserves to provide water supply security from
terrorism or warfare. Actually, there are at least 22
ASR applications, and others will undoubtedly follow.
Most operating ASR sites are storing treated drinking
water. When recovered from storage, this water
usually requires only disinfection before being sent
out to the water distribution system. In recent years
other applications of ASR technology have also
In the Tampa Bay area of Florida, which is an area with
tremendous growth in water demand and limited
available supplies, treated wastewater is reclaimed
and piped to golf courses, parks, gardens and other
areas requiring irrigation to reduce the demand for
potable water. When the rains begin and irrigation
demand ceases, reclaimed water is stored in ASR
wells in deep brackish aquifers, from which it is
recovered when needed to meet irrigation demands
during dry periods. Reclaimed water ASR is therefore
beginning to be a booming application of the ASR
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